That Time Will Smith Met Michael Jackson in a Closet.

In a recent interview Will Smith told a story about the time he met Michael Jackson in a utility closet at a BET Awards party.  He says there was an altercation with Death Row Records co-founder Suge Knight and he ended up getting pushed into a dirty utility closet with mops, and cleaning supplies.  As he was listening with his ear up against the door to hear what was going down outside, he realized he wasn't alone in the closet...

“I’m standing there and I got my head up against the door and I’m listening to people running and I’m hearing screaming and stuff, and I’m like ‘yo, this is crazy – Shuggs is a lunatic,” Smith explained. “Then all of a sudden, it starts to quiet.”

“Then I hear ‘hey’,” Smith says, doing an A+ Michael Jackson impression. “And I’m like ‘oh shit!’ Then I turn around and Michael Jackson is behind me in the closet. I was like ‘Oh! Mike?’”

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Photo: Getty Images

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