The 17YO Girl That Escaped Perris "House Of Horrors" Wrote Songs On YouTube

The 17-year-old girl that escaped the Perris "House of Horrors" home where she was shackled along with her brother's and sisters and alerted authorities was releasing videos that provide insight into her harsh living conditions.

In the video below the daughter of David and Louise Turpin detailed their living conditions when she released her own videos to YouTube which show her singing what appears to be her own written songs, according to ABC 7.

"You blame me for everything, you blame me in every way, you blame me for what they say, what they say," one of the songs went.

She also posted videos of her playing with their two pet dogs who, along with the youngest turpin child appeared to be the only ones who did not appear to suffer from any sort of malnutrition.

The videos also captured all the dirt on the walls as well as clothes piled on the floor.

Good Morning America” reported the girl also appeared to have had an Instagram account. The accounts contains selfies of the teen and her favorite singer, Justin Bieber.

The teen's most recent video was uploaded just seven days before she escaped her Perris home where she and her siblings were being shackled to their beds and forced to live a nocturnal lifestyle.

Upon investigation of the Turpin's home, they reported the home smelled of human waste.

Previous reports claim that the 13 children whose ages range from 2 to 29 years old were shackled and malnourished for such long periods of time that their growth has been stunted.  The oldest child weighed only 82 pounds.

Today the children are focusing on their recovery, learning life skills and working on their dreams for their future.

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