The Show Announces It's 2018 Awards

The Show Awards 2018

It was an amazing year.  We welcomed Emily to our fold, Sky made her music video debut and Eddie stunned the world with his trivia knowledge. Thor did some stuff too...we just can't remember what.  But something. 

As the year comes to a close we are excited to announce this year's Awards.  And the winners are:

Drunk Whisperer - Emily Griffiths

King of 90s Trivia - Eddie Pappani

King of Female Celebrity Trivia - Eddie Pappani

King of Throwback Trivia - Eddie Pappani

King of Trivia - Eddie Pappani

Worst Partner - Sky

Closest Friends - Eddie Pappani & Emily Griffiths

Best Tag-Teamers - Sky & Dario Gonzales

Participant - Thor

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