Third of Americans Believe They Have Seen A Ghost

A recent report from PhyschTests revealed that almost a third of all Americans believe they have seen a ghost. Of those surveyed, 67% of women and 49% of men believe in ghosts or spirits.

The results were accumulated from a Paranormal Beliefs Test, which PhyschTests says is scientifically validated. The website explains "This paranormal beliefs test is made up of self-assessment questions, in which you will be asked to indicate the degree to which you believe in the given statements. In order to receive the most accurate results, please answer each question as honestly as possible."

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The report also revealed that 16% of people believe they’ve encountered a poltergeists, which is defined as a supernatural force that can cause physical disturbances. These disturbances can be anything from a TV or other electronic device turning on by itself, to doors and windows opening and closing on their own - the type of thing that gives you the creeps and makes it impossible to sleep for a few days.

Photos by Steinar Engeland on Unsplash and Erik Müller on Unsplash

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