This Creepy Fish Has Gone Viral

If you feel like you've seen this face before, you're not alone. It belongs to the sawfish who wears a constant expression that's somewhere between pissed off, and severely disappointed. A recent Twitter post by Tom Chivers with the caption "Sawfish look like they don't buy your bullshit excuses," has made this "curmudgeon of the sea" go viral with people making all sorts of comparisons about it, likening it to Roz from Monsters, Inc., and Oggie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Both are eerily accurate.

As it turns out, the sawfish isn't actually making an expression at all. The photos show the creature's underbelly and what look like mouth and eyes are actually nostrils, gills, and a mouth which has thousands of dome shaped teeth used to crush the crustaceans and small fish they feed on.

Sawfishes are also known as carpenter sharks, and they're from the ray family. These large fish can weigh in at 720 pounds, and can grow to over 20-feet long. Although they have a vicious looking nose extension covered with sharp teeth, the sawfish supposedly are not dangerous to humans - unless you're walking in a shallow section of seawater and they're skimming the ocean floor.

At one time sawfish were endangered, but their population is said to be growing in numbers because of bans placed on fishing them.

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