Today on The Show - Wednesday, November 13

Disney hit by technical issues on the launch of it's new PLUS platform.

Reddit came up with a list of things that are worth spending more money on.

The best Marvel movies streaming on Disney PLUS.

The NFL is holding a special workout session for Colin Kaepernick that all the teams are invites to attend.

U.K. restaurant is offering gender-neutral cocktail with no color.

The best and worst cities for singles.

An HOA told a family that it was too soon to put of Christmas decorations and they were ordered to take them down.

A nice guy who bought flowers for a friend of his girlfriend (because she was going through a tough time) got berated on Twitter.

Abry's apologizes for an insensitive sign that said "Only Well Behaved Children Are Welcome".

My Son's Newest Commercial  - Thumbnail Image

My Son's Newest Commercial

Playing Catch in the Pool - Thumbnail Image

Playing Catch in the Pool

Deleted final scene from Avengers Endgame! Watch it here!  - Thumbnail Image

Deleted final scene from Avengers Endgame! Watch it here!

Like Seriously WTF Robert? - Thumbnail Image

Like Seriously WTF Robert?

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