Today on The Show - Wednesday, November 28

People have noticed some very disturbing things in the classic holiday feature "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer".

Study says Americans would give up "just about anything" to have perfect health.

Here are the 30 most popular places to go on a first date in America.

San Diego's new football team the Fleet protects former USD standout player with first pick in AAF quarterback draft.

Someone's mother in law is on blast for trying to charge $21 per person for her Christmas dinner.

There's a national shortage of Christmas trees this year, so prices are soaring!

Here are 8 often overlooked things that could threaten your marriage.

This photo of David Beckham and his daughter has caused an outrage.

Man says police mistook his McDonald's hash browns as cell phone and he's fighting the "Distracted Driving" ticket he received.


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