Top 10 Best Slayer Song Covers

Slayer - Photo: Desiree Bates

Slayer is  one of the fiercest, most influential and arguably one of the BEST thras bands with a very identifiable sound that can not be mistaken for any other band.

Slayer changed the metal game in 1986 with Reign in Blood, with every extreme metal band now trying to live up to the likes of this metal band.  Slayer was evil incarnate and the 10 bands below have tried to capture the very essence that Slayer brought to the studio.  So, with that, we pay homage to one of the best metal bands in the world by counting down the 10 best covers of Slayer ever done (aside from Slayer themselves OF COURSE!)

After listening to the covers, vote below for the cover you thought was the best.

10. Silent Scream

Covered by: Children of Bodom

9. Antichrist

Covered by: Dissection

8. Piece By Piece

Covered by: Malevolent Creation

7. Hell Awaits

Covered by: Cradle of Filth

6. Raining Blood

Covered by: Tori Amos

5. Kill Again

Covered by: Angelcorpse

4. Captor of Sin

Covered by: At the Gates

3. Die By The Sword

Covered by: Necrophobic

2. Raining Blood

Covered by: Vader

1. Angel of Death

Covered by: Monstrosity

Slayer, Lamb Of God,Behemoth  With Anthrax, Testament - Thumbnail Image

Slayer, Lamb Of God,Behemoth With Anthrax, Testament