Tuna Overdosing On The Rise With College Students

Tuna is packed with protein, and affordable, making it popular with people on a budget - like college students. But a new study says consuming canned tuna is way more dangerous than the overdoing it at your frat's weekly kegger.

A study conducted at the University of California, Santa Cruz, has found that students are consuming so much tuna that they could be severely harming their bodies by ingesting dangerous amounts of the toxic metal, mercury. The study's findings were published in the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry's latest journal, which stated that 54% of students participating in the study were eating tuna at least 3 times per week.

Lead researcher Myra Finkelstein stated, “I’ve been dumbfounded when students have told me they eat tuna every day. Their lack of knowledge about the risk of exposure to mercury is surprising.”

What are the side effects of mercury poisoning?

Small amounts can be metabolized by the body but when too much of it hits your system brain function and the central nervous system are compromised.

It can begin with numbness in the fingers and toes and the loss of coordination. It can also cause memory loss, vision problems, and tremors.

In extreme cases, mercury can destroy the kidneys, cause respiratory failure, and even death.

What amount of tuna is safe to consume?

The FDA recommends that an adult who weighs 150-pounds or more should eat no more than 1 can of regular tuna every 9 days. The EPA says that up to 3 cans of light tuna can be consumed every 9 days.

NOTE: pregnant women and children are at greatest risk for mercury-related health risks.

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