Two Officers Toss Coin To Decide Whether Or Not To Arrest Woman


two police officers in GA have been placed on leave after their own body camera footage showed them using a coin-toss app to determine whether whether or not to arrest a woman that they caught speeding.

Sarah Webb was the woman caught speeding. Webb claims that she was later for her job at a hair salon when she was pulled over by two officers.  The woman was arrested on charges of speeding, reckless driving and driving too fast for the conditions.

The woman was placed in the back of the police car momentarily while the two officers try and determine whether or not to arrest her.  Webb was not aware of what the officers were doing.  

In the video you can see the two officers discussing what they should do with Webb. One officer can be heard saying that she didn't even have any speed detection equipment and the other officer says that she doesn't have any tickets, so they used a coin-toss app to determine whether or not to arrest her or let her go.

The video audio appears to show Wilson say "This is tail right?," Brown says, "Yeah. So release?" and then Wilson says "23," or a police code for arrest, WXIA reported.



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