UCLA Professor Dies In Mummification Style Of Sex Play

Seven months after the death of UCLA professor Doran George, autopsy information has surfaced that has made people question whether the death was actually an accident.

The death reportedly happened in a BDSM dungeon that belonged to Skip Chasey, well known in the BDSM world as Master Skip.

At 4pm in the evening the two friends went down to Chasey's dungeon where they would engage in sexual mummification play which included outfitting George in a locked metal chain around [their] neck and a penile chastity belt and then wrapped head to toe in plastic wrap and gaffers tape with very small breathing holes at the mouth and nose.

Around 6:20pm Chasey noticed that George was "not reacting properly" and when he went to inspect closer, he realized that George was not breathing at all.  Chasey claims he immediately dialed 9-1-1 and then began cutting off all of the plastic and tape from George's body.

George Doran who was born Duncan Gilbert preferred not to use gendered pronounce was found with defibrillator pads on [their] chest and suffered broken ribs which were consistent with having received CPR according to the autopsy report.

Lawyers for the pair say that they engaged in mummification play before and that neither of them were under the influence of drugs the night George died.



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