Video: Pacman Jones Retaliates After Being Attacked By Airport Employee


TMZ Sports shares video of Pacman Jones in a full-on fist fight with an Atlanta airport employee after he and his female companion were attacked.

Cops told TMZ Sports that the altercation began when an ABM employee - Frank Ragin - made a gesture towards the NFL star as he was walking through the airport with his female companion.

In the video you can see that Pacman (Adam Jones) calls out the guy for making a gesture and then confronts him.

Ragin, wearing his orange airport security vest, goes after Jones and initiates a fight.

Jones tries to take off his backpack first but instead goes for a haymaker at Ragin.  The two exchange a few shots until Pacman lands a blow that knocks the employee to the ground.  

Jones landed a few more shots when the man was on the ground but the fight was soon broken up.

The cops immediately responded, arrested Ragin, claiming he was the instigator and Jones  was simply defending himself


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