Watch: Man Accused Of Punching Deaf Pregnant Woman


This video of an airline battle between involving a deaf man, his pregnant fiancee who is also deaf and their service dog is going viral after a deaf couple argues with a man that allegedly punched their service dog and a pregnant woman.

In the video you can see the deaf man, Matthew Silvay in the aisle arguing with a passenger after a man named Timothy Manley allegedly punched the service dog as well as Silvay's pregnant wife.

The fight began over what Manly claims was his wife being allergic to dogs and he claims he swatted at the dog to get away.

"I pushed her away," he told ABC News, adding that he did so because of his wife's allergies. "I wouldn't call it a punch."

But according to a report obtained by the Orlando Police Department, Manly "Punched it with a closed fist," causing Zariel to yelp and take cover under a seat which angered Silvay and his wife.

Silvay's fiancee, Hazel Ramirez, said he became upset and "yelled at the man to tell him, 'Never touch any dogs or service animals,'" she said, echoing what her husband allegedly told Manley in sign language and some words.

The argument escalated into the aisle and then into the terminal at the Orlando International Airport where Silvay was allegedly blocking the aisle waiting for Manley.

"They were physically blocking the door," Manley said.

The video footage, shot by Manley's son, Joshua, cuts to a moment after Manley reaches the terminal where Silvay then tries to shove him to the ground.  

According to Hazel Ramirez, Manley was in such a hurry to leave that he ran through, punched her belly and then pushed both of their daughters causing them both to cry.

The FBI is now investigating

Watch the entire video here:



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