Watch: Marilyn Manson Chilling New 'Tattooed In Reverse' Video


Sex, Cult Rituals, cameo appearances and everything else you'd expect from Manson

Nobody does freaky hot music videos quite like Marilyn Manson does.  Throughout his entire career he has made videos that intrigue, confuse and even disturb fans and of course "Tattooed in Reverse" adheres to this entirely.

"I'm not stable, I'm not a showhorse," chants Manson in his creepy new music video with equally creepy lyrics.  The video was released Friday (3/23) and features a brief cameo from his old frenemy, Courtney Love.  The scene portrays a wheelchair bound Manson and Courtney Love is his nurse that's rolling him down a hallway which flip flops back and forth between he and a tormented woman on a hospital table.

From the very beginning you see a young woman struggling on an operating table and finally going under when an anesthesia mask is slipped over her face.  As the video continues on it appears the woman may be torn between reality and an unconscious state where she is amongst faceless dancers that appear to be in a cult-like circle and eventually closing in on her.  

"Tattooed in Reverse" is the fourth Heaven Upside Down track to receive this creepy video theme alongside "We Know Where You Fucking Live," "Kill For Me" and "Say10."   The latter two videos also starred actor Johnny Depp, who may end up playing in Manson's band.   

[Warning: contains adult language and themes.]



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