Wendy's Drops Mix Tape That Roasts McDonald's

Wendy's Drops Mix Tape That Roasts McDonald's

Wendy's went viral last year when they dropped  some mean tweets to civilians, other brands or just by having rap battles on Twitter.  But the seemingly aggressive fast-food brand just took it one step further: They released a mix tape that slams rival restaurants and yes you can listen to it on Spotify.

The mixtape is available on Spotify and  Apple Music and it's called We Beefin? The mixtape contains 5 songs and at 10 minutes long it features song titles like "Twitter Fingers," "Rest in Grease," and "4 for $4."

The mixtape has become an extension of the brands Twitter presence which has been known to be really cruel to its competitors such as Burger King and McDonald's.

You could probably listen to the entire mixtape and your friends wouldn't even notice.  The weirdest part is how good it sounds. 

Twitter Fingers 

[Verse 1]

Cold with the flows but the meat ain’t frosty

Say I’m too smug but I can’t keep them off me

Wendy in this thing, you can see I’m too saucy

Hashtag legend, I can’t keep the fakes up off me


Who got the twang up in they sauce, yeah

Who got the thangs that hit so hard, yeah

Who got the flavor, please pumps ya breaks, yeah

I’m grilling them all, ain’t taking no names so stop it

[Verse 2]

You better stop it, see falling off is not an option

I see you plotting tryna wonder how we got this poppin'

It took a lot man, I can’t even front I want this spot man

They say they love us 'cause we serving everything you not man

What’s that about?

You twitter beefing for some clout

Yo' customers in a drought

They loving me with no doubt

I’m sellin in large amounts

You shoulda just took this route

Thinking you could wing it

They stopped shopping with ya

No wonder your names repeat it

Yo' stock, looking depleted

Yo' wave, is just receding

The game need a new leader

The game gave it new meaning

Wendy from out Columbus so wake up its time to see her

Had to step outside of Twitter just to leave my fans with something

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