Why Divorce Rates Spike In August

As summer comes to a close, so do a lot of marriages. A 14-year study from the University of Washington indicated that August and March have the highest number divorce filings each calendar year, and here's why.

  • Couples with relationship problems often think the summer season and vacation possibilities will help them rekindle their romance. When the season ends and they haven't worked through their problems they are understandably disappointed and they start thinking about divorce.

  • Summer can put the spotlight on relationship and marital issues because there is more family bonding time.

  • When children leave home to attend college, couples suddenly find themselves alone and without familiar distractions. This can lead to more in-depth analysis of their relationship and the realization that aside from their kids, the couple has nothing in common and have grown apart.

  • Couples with children, sometimes wait out summer to give their family unit a final happy memory.

  • Separating in August allows a 4-month window for couples and families to adjust before the winter holiday season.

  • Finally, people who are unhappy in their marriage are much more likely to meet someone new during the summer. Interest in pursuing a new relationship makes ending the existing one a lot easier for some people.

Photo: Bigstock.

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