Why You Shouldn't Propose During A Marathon

There have been a rash of marriage proposals made to women while they're running marathons and while it might be make for a great viral video, it's not such a great idea. Here are ten reasons why it's a bad idea.

1. She's busy.  Duh!  Hello, she's running up to 26 miles and needs to concentrate.

2. She's being timed.  She'd probably like to make good time on her run since she trained months for it.

3. This is HER moment, not YOURS.

4. Running a marathon is a lot harder than getting engaged.  See point #1.

5. How can you really do anything meaningful when you're on the side of a street or road and yelling out to her to come over and pay attention to you?

6. You're not thinking about how she's feeling or doing - you just want her to say "Yes".

7. She's out of breath - not a great time to kiss her and celebrate the moment!

8. She's hot, sweaty, probably in pain, and wearing ugly clothes and no makeup. CLUE: No woman wants to remember her engagement proposal this way.  None.

9. She still has to finish a marathon while processing the emotional landmine you've thrown at her.

10. It would be really, easy to wait until she's done...and breathing normally again.

Read the whole article in Men's Health.



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