Woman Celebrating 105th Birthday Eats Lots of KFC and Twinkies


Lois Wooten of Del City, Oklahoma will turn 105 on Sunday, May 5, 2019. She still lives on her own, loves to text and eats plenty of Kentucky Fried Chicken and Twinkies.

This amazing woman lived through the great depression, two world wars, and has watched technology change in ways we could never imagine.

Although she stopped driving when she turned 98, Lois still lives by herself in the home she's had since 1950. She admits to eating foods that most wouldn't consider healthy, telling a reporter from KOCO News 5, "I ate a lot of Kentucky Fried Chicken and Twinkies. I don't like to cook much. I eat a lot of frozen dinners. But who cares?" Wooten said.

What's also remarkable about Lois is her use of new technology, she loves to text with family and friends on her iPhone. This coming from a woman who learned to drive on a Ford, Model T!

In honor of her birthday, Lois was honored by the Oklahoma State House of Representatives with a proclamation.



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