Woman Smashes Popeyes Restaurant Window Because Meal Didn't Come With Soda


Police are searching for the woman in the video above that was captured on surveillance video smashing out the front window at a Popeyes restaurant when apparently her $4 meal deal didn't come with a soda.

Security video shows the woman flipping off employees and then picking up a sign and throwing it.  She then picked up a chair and smashed the window.

An employee working at the time told New York News 4 that the customer was drunk, and got angry because the $4 Wicked Good Deal didn't come with a soda.  Employees tried to explain to the woman that the deal included an order of Wicked Chicken strips plus a side, which only included a buttermilk biscuit and dipping sauce, but not a soda.

The woman was irate and could not be reasoned with, one employee said.

"Hopefully they find her, I don't want her in this store," the employee said. 

Police are looking for a woman that appears to be between the ages of 18 & 25, although the tantrum over the soda may suggest otherwise


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