Woman Who Stole Live Lobster Is In Hot Water

Lobster Thief

A heavily intoxicated woman dining at a Red Lobster in St. Peterburg, Florida decided it was a good idea to steal a live lobster from one of their tanks.  She became agitated when approached and went on a cussing tirade before management asked her to leave and called the police.  She was apprehend a short distance from the restaurant and arrested .  She was arrested and later blamed the theft on being “blacked out drunk”.  She apparently does not know what she did with the lobster.

The 42-year-old woman Kimberly Gabel, was charged with disorderly intoxication and petit theft but was released with a $100 bond.  The whereabouts of the lobster are still unknown.

The Smoking Gun reported that Gabel has a rap sheet that includes arrests for trespass; theft, drug possession; loitering; burglary; carrying an open container of alcohol; exposure of sexual organs; violating probation; domestic battery; defrauding an innkeeper; disorderly intoxication; drunk driving; and resisting an officer.

Photo: Pinellas County Sheriff Office



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