Woman Tricks Several Men Into Showing Up For Mass Dating Stunt On Tinder

A woman who identifies as Natasha Aponte on Tinder invited several dozen guys out on a simultaneous date that she described as a "Live Tinder date" which turned into a a real-life game show.

According to several of the attendees, the woman agreed to go on a date, but said that she was working on a large presentation so she would get back in touch. 

A few weeks later, she got back in touch and said she'd like to meet for a drink around 6 on Sunday where they could meet in a public space and then head out. Seems like a normal Tinder date.

The Tinder  users then showed up to the meeting place to find "a stage, a DJ and about 100 people with cameras."  

Soon after, Natasha showed up on stage flanked by security guards and explained that she had invited all of the men on the same Tinder date.  

“As you may or may not know, my name is Natasha, and I have a confession to make for everyone here,” said the woman, who identifies herself as an actress, model, and singer on Instagram. “Everyone here today was brought here to be on a date with me.”

The crowd starts to boo at this point.

“The reason behind this is dating apps are very difficult,” Natasha added, “and I said, ‘Okay how do I solve this problem? “Maybe I can bring everyone here in person and see how that goes and solve this once and for all.”

Natasha then proceeded to inform the group that was still remaining that they were there to compete for a date with her.

She then started sending men away.  Trump supporters need to leave.  Men named "Jimmy" were turned away. Short men and men who smoked or drank heavily were sent away.  

With about only 2 dozen men remaining she started physical challenges like a pushup contest and sprinting contest where the men were competing for a date with her.

It is unclear why Natasha showed up with cameras. Some called it a public shaming of men who were looking for love.

Some of the men started harassing her on Instagram and now her once public profile is now private.

The New York City Parks Department confirmed that the permit holder was "Rob Bliss Creative" who is the founder who "has led branded campaigns to over a quarter billion views across YouTube and Facebook without spending a cent on advertising" the agency is known for  creating entirely organic content for social media and not spending a cent on advertising.  

So, the entire stunt was definitely a marketing stunt, but for whom?   The brand will surely reveal itself sooner or later.

Read the thread from one of the men that it actually happened to here:

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