YouTube Shooter Identified As San Diego Resident


Investigators have identified Nasim Najafi Aghdam as the woman who killed herself at the YouTube headquarters yesterday afternoon in San Bruno, CA.  At least four senior law enforcement officers have made statements saying that she last resided in San Diego.

Investigators say that Aghdam approached the outdoor dining area at YouTube's headquarters in San Bruno and started open firing. Aghdam's body was found at the scene where she appeared to have killed herself with a handgun. Four victims were transported to nearby hospitals with gunshot related injuries.

Aghdam's friends and family say that she was a staunch vegan who loved animals and had a significant YouTube presence, which included a YouTube channel devoted to veganism and animal rights. Her sister-in-law says that Aghdam was angry with YouTube for filtering her videos which created less monetization and she believed they were censoring her content.

Aghdman had apparently been missing for a few days before she was located in Northern California on Monday night.  According to Fox5 San Diego, a family member had contacted San Bruno police to keep an eye on Aghdam thinking that she would show up to the headquarters to fight the censorship, but they never thought it would result in this type of violence.

The family of Aghdam has issued a statement saying that they are "very sorry that this has happened."

Police have also issued a statement saying that currently they are still unclear on a motive and that they have no evidence that the shooters knew any of the victims.

Three of her victims were being treated in a San Francisco hospital.  One victim was a 36-year-old man who is currently in critical condition, another one was a 32-year-old man who is listed as serious condition and a 3rd was a woman who is listed in fair condition.

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