Zombie Snakes Found In North Carolina

North Carolina Parks and Recreation Department officials are warning residents to be on the lookout for "zombie snakes". The snakes, which are actually the eastern hognose variety, protect themselves by playing dead - the literally flip over and lie belly up with their mouth open and tongue hanging out.

Hognose snakes are not poisonous, but they display cobra-like qualities and will strike repeatedly if they feel threatened.

Amphibian and Reptiles of North Carolina explained "When threatened, hognose snakes hiss loudly and spread their necks like cobras do, resulting in the nicknames 'puff adder' or 'spreading adder. They rarely bite during these displays, but they may strike repeatedly."

"If the antagonist continues, the hognose snake will feign death by opening its mouth, rolling over on its back, and writhing around. If turned over onto its belly, it will immediately roll again onto its back," the statement said.

Photo: North Carolina Parks and Recreation Department Facebook

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