Here we go, it’s time for another Eddie Top 10. How about the greatest movie themes of all time? Get ready…here ya go!

Top 10 Movie Themes

1. Star Wars – Let’s just say it. The greatest theme of them all. Period. No argument. Done.

2.  Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark – This one just gets me hyped. I love it. As soon as I hear it I want to go on an adventure. 

3. Jurassic Park – As soon as you hear this, it takes you right to the scene of the dinosaurs roaming the huge green field. So great. 

4. Jaws – So simple yet so effective. 

5. Lord of the Rings – Want this to be higher, but the others had a bigger impact. Love this theme though and should make it my ringtone. 

6. The Godfather – The Italian in me puts this here. It’s a classic and so good. 

7. Top Gun – Think about the end of the movie when Mav gets back from blowing up the Russians. This is playing. Iceman says he will be his wingman anytime. Amazing! 

8. Superman – The old Superman movies weren’t the best, but the theme was. Best part of the movie. 

9. Back To The Future – Doc Brown! Marty McFly! The Delorean! Let’s go! 

10. Beverly Hills Cop – This one could b controversial. But I always liked it. It was a hit on the radio back in the 80s. The Axel F theme is too good to not make the list. 

Ok, there it is. As you can see I went with traditional themes and no songs with lyrics. Sorry Grease. There is also one big theme that isn’t on the list. Two words….James Bond.  I know. It should be but I was never a huge Bond fan. In fact, it wasn’t until the Daniel Craig movies that I even liked a Bond movie. So the theme is whatever to me. Sorry…not sorry. It’s my list!