My little light of my life is turning 8 year's old today. My daughter Taylor is the most special little girl I have ever meet and I'm not just saying that because I'm her Dad. She has the warmest heart and can't hurt anyone. She has been a gift. It takes me back to when she was born. I got woken up by Debra around 2am. I was planning on working that morning so my alarm was gonna go off in a couple of hours. So I was pretty shocked when Debra said "It's Time." We got to the hospital and things were moving along without a hitch...until they weren't. The nurses and doctor let us know that there were some issues and they needed to get Taylor out right away. My heart sunk. All the excited I had turned to terror. One of the hardest things I've ever had to do in my life was go into the waiting room and tell my mother in law and parents that there were complications. I lost it. Once I gathered myself, I headed back in to see what was next. One of my greatest fears about having my first child was something that always stuck with me. I had seen the movie She's Having a Baby years prior. The movie is whatever, but there is one scene that always stuck with me. Kevin Bacon's character and his wife were excited having their baby until there were issues and they rushed her away. He was left standing there all alone with nobody telling him what was going on. The song that played in the scene was heartbreaking. Here is it:


I seriously can't even watch this to this day. My fear about the birth was this scene. Anything could happen but this.  And did. They rushed Debra away and I was left in a hallway all by myself. I couldn't believe it. My greatest fear came true. Luckily in the movie everything worked out. That's what I kept telling myself while I was alone in that hallway. Suddenly a nurse came busting in the hall and said I needed to come into the operating room right away. When I walked in, I couldn't believe my eyes...or nose...or ears. They had Debra all prepped on the table and they were already cutting her open. I could smell the flesh. I will never forget it. Then I heard it. Debra was throwing up. WTF? Turns out she was allergic to the anesthesia. Everything that could go wrong, was. I tried to comfort Debra and I sort of blacked out. Then before you knew it, Taylor was out. But she wasn't crying. My heart dropped again. There wasn't much room for it to drop any further but this was the longest minute of my life. The nurses took her over to table and started working on her. Finally, the sweetest sound I have ever heard in my life happened. She cried. All was good. Because it was such a struggle to get her in this world, she has been the easiest child to raise. She is a blessing. I love her with all my heart. Happy 8th birthday kiddo. My life is a million times better with you in it.