I'm so glad that opening weekend is over and that people have had a chance to see the Last Jedi. I saw it last Monday and have been dying to talk about it. Here are my thoughts...first of all I can totally understand why people are so split on the movie. I see people saying its the best one of the bunch and others saying it's the worst. Let me just say, I get it. I walked out of the theater and couldn't process what I saw. Very different. They did some things that I did not care for. I hated Leia getting blown out of her ship and floating in space and then suddenly using to force to save herself. It looked dumb and made no sense. I also did not like Benico Del Torro's stutter he decided to add to his character. Totally unnecessary and distracting. I like the Rose character but her and Finn's storyline wasn't the best. It also made no sense that she is basically a pipe cleaner and all of a sudden she can pilot a ship? I also had issues the way they killed Captain Phasma. One of the most underutilized characters of all time. She had one big scene fighting Finn and then she is done. Worse death than Boba Fett! But my biggest issue came from the two biggest question coming out of the Force Awakens. Its the two things that have been debated the most. Who are Rey's parents and who is Supreme Leader Snoke? Well the Snoke question may never be answered as he was offed. He was a cool character that is massively powerful and yet he got killed by Ren with a pretty simple trick. Then the big reveal of Rey's parents that they were nobody? Come on. There has to be more too this. I refuse to believe that this is true. In Force Awakens, you see a ship fly off. That can't be junkers. So that really bothered me. On to the good news. There were many scene I thought were badass. The scene where Ren and Rey team up gave me the chills. I thought the last fight scene between Luke and Ren was gangster. I liked that everything the rebels did basically failed. And of course the Yoda cameo was amazing. Overall I enjoyed it. But I need to see it again to really process it and understand what they were going for. People want me to rank it already and I'm just not ready to do that yet. I need multiple viewings to truly get a read on it.