Yesterday they released the 15 finalists for the NFL Hall of Fame class of 2018. Here are my picks:

Randy Moss - 1st year eligible

Terrell Owens 3rd year eligible

Ray Lewis - 1st year eligible

John Lynch -  6th year eligible

Joe Jacoby - 8th year eligible

So this is why I chose these men. First, they need to start putting in more than one receiver in at a time. There is a backlog at the position. Moss and TO both were all time greats. Not the best people but great players. They both should be in. I think Hines Ward should be in too, but he wasn't a finalist. Next year Hines. Ray Lewis is the no doubter. How Don Coryell and Leslie O'Neal aren't already in baffles me. I can't believe they aren't finalists.  Lynch should have been in a few years ago. He was awesome at his position. And finally, the big ol hog, Joe Jacoby gets my nod. It's hard with interior lineman, but Jacoby was great. There are a few lineman that should get in like Steve Hutchinson and Kevin Mawae. They will get in but just not this year. I'm pretty sure Brian Urlacher will get in. I would put him in next year. Not sure he should be in the same class as Ray Lewis. He was a notch below him. We will see how it plays out on February 3rd when they annoucne who gets in.