Growing up, I never really had any Legos. It wasn't my thing. I was too busy playing with action figures. So now that my kids are growing up, they are getting into Legos. My daughter Taylor is pretty good at putting her sets together but she is 8. Jack my son is 5 and he is just starting to get some sets. He got a few for Christmas and I'm trying to put them together. I'm terrible at it. I'll get halfway through and realize I have the wrong piece or put it on backwards and have to take it all apart. Very frustrating. But I'm starting to get better at it. I've put together a couple of small pieces like a Star Wars AT-AT and a Tie fighter. They are only like 20-30 pieces. So I'm figuring those out first before I start to tackle the big sets. I would love to put together a Death Star or something huge one day with him. But here is what we did yesterday, it's a small Batman Lego experts, don't judge!  I'm getting there!