I was very sad when I heard the news that Verne Troyer aka Mini Me died over the weekend. I had a small (pun intended) encounter with Verne back in 1999. The station I was at back then did a retro night at the Padres game. We all had to dress in 70s attire and we brought out Verne to throw out the first pitch because of Austin Powers. Well after the first pitch it was my job to be Verne's handler. I was supposed to drive him back to his hotel but Verne wanted to go out. So I took him over to Seau's for a drink. I picked him up and put him on the bar. He was so small he would use a shot glass as a regular glass to drink out of. The guy owned the place. He had a massive crowd around him and I was his bodyguard. He got smashed and then wanted to go home with some girl. I wasn't gonna argue with him, so I said peace out and good luck to Verne and never saw him again. That was our time together and it was special. RIP Verne! Hope you are having fun in heaven like we had that one night at Seau's! Here is what I wore that night. I wish I had a picture with Verne from that night. I'm sure there is one floating around. The other two guys pictured are B-Dub and Greg Simms.