Some guy decided to rank all 334 Bon Jovi songs from worst to first. That is insane. But even more insane is where he ranked some of the songs!  So I decided to put together MY top 10 Bon Jovi songs. Here it is:

10. It's My Life - Some may think this is too low. But this is more your Mom's Bon Jovi. I like Slippery When Wet Jovi. Rock out Jovi. It's not a terrible song, just not one of my favs.

9. Lay Your Hands On Me - I might consider moving this up. I really like this song and scream out the chorus when I hear it.

8. Always - Straight up power ballad the way it used to be done. Beautiful.

7. I'll Be There For You - Just listen to these lyrics " I'll be there for you, these five words I swear to you. When you breathe, I want to be the air for you" Genius. 

6. Bed Of Roses - Another power ballad. This one is like butter. 

5. Bad Medicine - This is where it starts to get tough. Any of these top 5 songs could be number 1. We will start with this classic. Hard to argue that this isn't a top 10er.

4. Runaway - Love that this song got a bit of a resurgence when they used it in Stranger Things. 

3. You Give Love A Bad Name - This is pure Jovi. At the height of fame. Could have been number 1, but I just like the other two above it slightly more. But an amazing song.

2. Wanted Dead Or Alive - The guy that ranked the songs had this as his #1. I totally get that. But it's number 2 on my list. I love it and Richie Sambora at his finest.

1. Livin' On A Prayer - I still don't know who Tommy and Gina are, but who cares?  This is the BEST Jovi song ever. Try not to scream it when the chorus kicks in. Throw up the devil horns and let it loose!