We had an amazing time out at the Oracle Open on Friday. But Thor did something so heinous and unforgivable that it marred the event. We all got our own box lunches from Jersey Mike's. I noticed out of the corner of my eye Thor open his up and start eating. When he did, I thought I saw a blue bag of chips in his box. Next thing I know, he is eating Cheetos. Well, I go to open my box and would you believe it, there is a blue bag of Sun Chips in my box!  The bastard switched chips on me and thought I wouldn't notice. And he also switched cookies. He gave me a sugar cookie and took the chocolate chip!  He tried to deny it but the evidence was everywhere. He had Cheeto dust on his shorts and some Cheetos were even in the cart. It was like the OJ crime scene out there!  Such a jerk move!