Last night we held our iHeart media Fantasy Football league draft. This league has been going strong for 13 years. I have been the commissioner for the past 3 years. Surprisingly there were no hiccups and everything went smoothly. I really like my team. Here is what it looks like:

QB: A.Rodgers & M.Ryan

RB: A.Kamara, C.Hyde, M.Mack, J.Conner

WR: AJ Green, B.Cooks, M.Jones, R.Anderson, DJ Moore

TE: G.Olsen & T.Eifert

K: M.Bryant

D: Houston

I had the 5th pick in a 12 person league and took Kamara a little high. But the top 4 RBs had already gone. I am stoked to have Rodgers. I don't think I've ever had him on my team before. I took Conner with my last pick and am hoping Bell doesn't sign with the Steelers, and that could pay off. I don't love my WRs but am hoping for just solid production out of them. Fingers crossed....