I've said many times before, that Thanksgiving is not that important to me. Its just a place holder for Christmas. So I haven't had a traditional Thanksgiving for the past 4-5 years. We have always traveled and done something else than sit around the TV and eat. This year was even more different. The week started by going to Disneyland with Sky to celebrate her daughter's birthday. We had a blast and I even made the nice list in Small World!  Then we packed our bags and headed off to Las Vegas. It was my nephew Clay's 21st birthday on Thanksgiving. Taking the kids to Vegas was never something I wanted to do, but they actually had a really good time. There is plenty for kids to do there, it just never seemed like a great environment for them. On Clay's birthday, his Dad went and got us all shots of tequila. Which isn't terrible, except it was at 8am!  But I took it like a champ and helped him celebrate his first taste of alcohol...yeah right!  We did find a restaurant that served a traditional Thanksgiving meal. They did it family style and brought out platters of food. It was all you can eat, so we went to town. Had turkey, ham, stuffing, potatoes, green beans, cornbread, gravy and pumpkin pie. So I didn't miss out. Very different, but still a great turkey day. And now let's celebrate Christmas!