So this is the time of year that the WWE starts to announce its new class for the Hall of Fame. Always controversial. So far they have named DX and the Honky Tonk Man as inductees. Both worthy. But I have more that need to go in. Most haven't so far because of some issue they have with the WWE. Here is my list...

  1. The Rock - How is he not in yet? They must be waiting for something big. This is the biggest no brainer ever.
  2. Owen Hart - This is a tough one. He died in a WWE ring. So it might be tough to ever get him in. I know they would like to but his wife isn't having it. He should have been in years ago.
  3. The NWO - Sure this was mainly a WCW creation but they did have a run in the WWE. They changed the business. One of the best ideas ever created. If DX goes in, then how do you not put the NWO in?
  4. Demolition - One of the greatest tag team of the 80s. Sure they came in as a rip off of the Road Warriors but they turned out to be legit. Ax and Smash should be in.
  5. Rick Martel - Maybe people don't realize how good this guy was. He was a former AWA champion and had some success in the WWE too as the Model and a tag team champion. He has been overlooked.
  6. The Hart Foundation - Bret Hart is already in. But the tag team was also legendary. Put him in again with the Anvil.
  7. King Kong Bundy - One of the best big men of his day. We main evented Wrestlemania II against Hulk Hogan. And if you are putting big men in, then Vader should be in as well.
  8. Jim Cornette - One of my favorite managers of all time. Such an awesome talker. He is hilarious. All he really did was manage the Midnight Express but did manage some other too. But should go in just for his mic work.
  9. The British Bulldogs - Loved these guys growing up. The power of Davey Boy Smith and the speed of the Dynamite Kid. So great.
  10. Miss Elizabeth - She was the first real lady manager in the WWE. She and Macho Man Randy Savage were awesome together. She didn't talk much but she does deserve to go in. Surprised she isn't in yet.

There you go. Of course I would have Triple H, Chyna and the New Age Outlaws on my list too along with X-Pac, but since they are going in as DX, I left them off. All of them deserve to be in solo. I think JBL needs to be in as well. His run with the APA and his solo success, he should be in. Christian, Kamala and Lex Luger also should get a look. Did I forget anyone?