Don't worry, I would never give any spoilers. Marvel movies have yet to let me down. I remember being worried about Dr. Strange. I thought his story was too weird and too hard to show on film. But they proved me wrong. I really enjoyed it. I had equal reservations about Captain Marvel. But I went into it with an open mind and excited to see what they would do with her character. Did I like the movie...yes. But while I'm watching it, there were times I wished I wasn't such a nerd. I know too much about the backstory and when they change major components to it, it's hard for me to enjoy it as much. I'm curious to see what non comic book fans will think. Brie Larson is a smokeshow. But she is a little too cute to be Carol Danvers. It is amazing how the digitally made Samuel Jackson look younger. Its not like he has one or two scenes, he is in the entire movie! The first end credit scene is the best scene of the entire movie. Gave me goosebumps. Is it my favorite MCU movie? No. But it is still entertaining.