I've been a football fan my whole life. I grew up a Steelers fan. I was a bit of a front runner. The 70s the Steelers were great, so I liked them. Then in the 80s I became a 49ers fan. It helped that they won 8 Super Bowls in that decade. But my family also had season tickets and I went to a lot of games. In general though, I was just a football fan. I loved the game. But I honestly can't explain this. I hate the Dallas Cowboys. Probably more than any other team. Mostly because they were a big rival for the Niners in the 90s. So the fact that I rocked a Cowboys shirt in a school picture is disheartening. What was I thinking? I remember I also wore a Jim Zorn Seahawks jersey in junior high. Not sure why. I wish this picture didn't exist.