With everybody talking about the Motley Crue movie, the Dirt, it was the perfect time to do another top 10 list. Now remember...this is MY top 10. Yours can look different, but this is my top 10 Motley Crue songs of all time.

10.Girls, Girls, Girls - The stripper song. Almost didn't make my top 10. It was a hard choice between this and Live Wire. Girls is a little too silly for me. Never was a huge fan, but it sneaks into the top 10.

9.Looks That Kill - I have enjoyed this song more recently that I did back in the day. Early Crue isn't my favorite as you will see from this list. But this one grew on me.

8.Shout At the Devil - This was the controversial one. I wasn't sure about Motley Crue growing up because I had heard they were a satanic band. And this song was part of the reason. But now as a grown man, I get it and like the song.

7.Wild Side - This song would be higher on the list but when Vince start to break it down and the song starts to slow down a little, it losses me a little. But still a solid spot at 7.

6.Without You - This will start a run on Dr. Feelgood album tracks. I love this song. I listened to it a million times after a breakup once. I mean listen to this..."Without you, in my life, I slowly wilt and die..." Classic heartbreak.

5.Don't Go Away Mad (Just Go Away) - Hilarious song. Love the video too. Them just chilling in some warehouse or something. I've always thought this was an underrated tune.

4.Same Ol' Situation - When I was a teenager, I thought I could be in a rock band and write some lyrics. My band name was going to be Man-Alive and I wrote a song called Dog Day Afternoon. Unfortunately it was to the exact same tune as this song. It will always have a special place in my heart because of that.

3.Dr. Feelgood - Had the album cover poster on my wall. Great album and the title track kicks ass!

2.Kickstart My Heart - The opening riff is one of Mick Mars finest. This will get you going no matter what. This would probably be my baseball walk up song.

1.Home Sweet Home - How could it be anything else? Their biggest hit. Its what turned them into a massive band and not some goofy fake satanic, make up wearing band. I tried to learn it on the piano once. It didn't take, but still is the best Crue song ever.

You will notice a couple songs missing. I have never liked Smokin' in the Boys Room. Doesn't sound like them. Never liked it. Live Wire was close. So was Too Young To Fall in Love. But could only pick 10. There it is. Discuss...