Yesterday was my birthday. It was a weird one. Started off nice with Emily decorating the studio for me. She made a homemade sign for me and had balloons everywhere. She even baked me a cake! But then it got strange from there on out. Thor and Sky said their both forgot my presents. Which is no big deal, but I have never known Sky to forget anything. So that was odd. Then my son Jack came home from school early because he had a 104 degree temperature. So that pretty much cancelled our plans. We were going to dinner to Benihana, which is my favorite. Which was no big deal again, because it gave me a chance to catch up and watch WrestleMania. My parents were going to come to dinner and my dad was bringing the cake. Well since the plans were cancelled, so cake. The kids really wanted to sing me Happy Birthday, so we used the leftover cake Emily made me that I brought home in a styrofoam container. My family did get me some cool presents though. They got me a rebuilt, fully operational Death Star shelf for my Man-cave. They also share my love of Christmas and got me a Rudolph board game. So in the end, it was a strange birthday, but it didn't matter. I still enjoyed it and got to spend it with the people I love.