Baseball is not my true love. Football always has been. But as I have coached my son in his little league the past 3 years, it has become a true love and passion of mine. Our team lost on Saturday eliminating us from the championship tournament. I was sad but happy for all the memories we created together. I was proud to see all the improvement the kids made this year and knowing I had a little something to do with it.

Then later that day, our league had a Mom and Dad softball game. The ladies crushed it. Debra played softball most of her life but hasn't played in over a decade. She was nervous but went out there and balled! Her team won easy. Then it was the Big Dawg's turn. My first at bat I got up and ripped one that was heading over the fence. The guy jumped and robbed me of my home run! I couldn't believe it. We still ended up winning the game though. Really fun time.

Then yesterday we got to walk in the little league day parade at Petco before the Padre game. One of our kids' dad works for the Padres, so we got to actually lead the parade! It was a really cool moment and Jack thought it was awesome. Such a crazy, fun baseball weekend. Now what am I gonna do with all this time on my hands?