As I reflect back on Avengers Infinity War and Endgame, the one thing that is disappointing was the Hulk’s storyline. In Infinity War, he gets his ass kicked by Thanos and then hides the rest of the movie. In Endgame, we get Professor Hulk, which is fine, but I wanted rage Hulk for the final battle. He didn’t do much but keep the building held up. How cool would it have been to see him exact some revenge on Thanos? Or at least the Black Order. The perfect spot to get rage Hulk back was when the Ancient One separated Banner from his body. Or when he wears the gauntlet. He said its mostly gamma radiation, so you would figure that would knock more rage into him. Missed opportunity. The Hulk is my favorite character. I was so happy when they finally got him right in the first Avengers movie. But his story arc has only gotten worse. Still loved the movies but needed more Hulk.