I got to see an early screening of the new Joker movie last night. Wow. I knew it was gonna be dark and take a psychological turn on the character but I still don't think I was ready for what it was. Disturbing. That is the best way to put it. They really delve into why the Joker turned out the way he did. It deals with mental illness in a very different way. There isn't any superhero stuff going on here. The scary part is it make you almost feel bad for the Joker, and understand why he ends up the way he does. I don't think that is a great message to send. But the last part of the movie when he fully transforms into the Joker is electrifying. Joaquin Phoenix was incredible. He could win best actor, which would be nuts since Heath Ledger won it for playing the Joker too. I thought it was kind of cool too that they cast Robert DeNiro as a talk show host who the Joker is sort of obsessed with. A nod to the old King of Comedy movie. Overall, I really liked the movie but not sure I would want to sit through it again. It is intense. Be ready.