Final Game Room Tour?

Is this it? It looks like it. It looks like we are headed back to the normal studios on Monday. So no more Quarantine Studios. I'm bummed! It was fun broadcasting from my game room. Much more comfortable here. But life is getting back to normal. I've had fun showing off my game room to everyone. I've had a few questions about a couple other items in the room. So here it is...the final game room tour. The first picture is my Darth Vader figure collector case that I had as a kid. The item below it is a really cool Chewbacca collectable figure. I have been debating opening it up and displaying it. Can't decide. The 2nd picture is a couple of large Stormtroopers I have. My kids call them daddy trooper and kid trooper. Then the final picture is a large Darth Vader cutout I've had for years. This guy has moved with me from place to place. Every once in a while I'll forget he's back there and get freaked out like someone is in the room! Hope you enjoyed my silly stuff as much as I've enjoyed showing it to you.

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