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MY Top 10 Foo Fighters Songs

Ok here we go again. I've been tasked to give out my top 10 Foo Fighters songs. This one fell into place rather easily. There are certain songs of theirs that I have always liked. As I was putting it together, things sort of fell into place. I usually have a lot of movement but this time there was only a little bit towards the bottom of the list. Here we go...

1. Times Like These – Quintessential Foo Fighters. Never get sick of it. Love the acoustic version even more. Dave says it’s the best song he’s ever written. I agree.

2. Best of You – Dave gives it his all in this song. You can feel every note he sings. Was their biggest hit on the charts.

3. Monkey Wrench – Such a kick ass rock song. Always loved it. Think they jam out on this one.

4. Walk –You get both slow Dave singing and then it kicks in. It won 2 Grammys. Has gone up my list more recently.

5. Everlong – Great song. Probably their most popular. Suffers a bit from fatigue but I still really love it. Acoustic is amazing. This will upset some people but I think 5 is a solid spot.

6. The Pretender –This is a jam. Love the band in this one. Dave is great but feel like the band shines in this one

7. These Days – Just a good be bopy song. It always makes me happy and tap my foot. Doesn’t rock out as much as some songs, but I always enjoy it.

8. All My Life – One of the biggest hits the band had. Recorded it in 2 weeks. Won the Grammy for best hard rock performance. A classic.

9. Rope – This one is the underdog on the list. Love the opening. Just a cool song. I have always liked it.

10. My Hero – Of course I can’t help but think about Varsity Blues every time I hear it. Some may think this is too low, but I just like the songs above it more. Sorry not sorry.

There were a few songs that didn't make the cut. Big Me, Breakout, Learn To Fly all could have been in there. But they just missed it. Although Big Me is probably my least favorite song. To me, its the least sounding Foo Fighters song out there. Ok, let the arguing begin...

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