Chopped Jr. At My House

My daughter Taylor, has been watching Chopped Jr., where kids compete on the cooking show. She asked me last week if we could do a version of it at home. I said sure. We did a dessert round last weekend and this weekend we did an appetizer. I give her 4 basket ingredients and she has to make a dish out of it. She is just learning how to cook, so it has been a little rough so far. I gave her mozzarella, crescent roll dough, sour cream and bologna. She ended up making what she called a "deconstructed pizza". She baked the dough and then put the cheese and bologna on top. She then made a sour cream and hot sauce dipping sauce. It wasn't bad but as one of the judges, I told her she should have melted the cheese and put the bologna as a topping and she would have had something delicious. She is learning a lot and she is having so much fun. Maybe she will eventually make it on the TV show! Keep practicing Taylor!

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