MY Top 10 David Lee Roth Van Halen Songs

Here we go. In honor of the great Eddie Van Halen I have been asked to do my top ten Van Halen songs. But there was no way I could do it straight up. I had to break it up into 2. David Lee Roth songs and Sammy Hagar songs. Today we are doing Dave. So here ya go, MY top 10 Van Halen songs the David Lee Roth edition:

  1. Panama - From 1984 - Let me just reach down, between my legs, ease the seat back and say this is the quintessential VH song. Who doesn't love Panama? No one!
  2. Hot For Teacher - From 1984 - This made me discover the ladies and figure out rock n roll meant hot chicks. Awesome song and awesome video.
  3. Jump - From 1984 - Their most popular song. #1 on the charts. A little bee boppy and less rock, but can't help but smile when its on. My favorite VH album from Dave.
  4. Aint Talkin Bout Love - From Van Halen I - Love Eddie's sound on this. This would pump me up in concert and would get the crowd going. Kick ass song.
  5. Atomic Punk- From Van Halen I - The opening riff is legendary. Never heard that sound before. Just a grimy, cool song.
  6. Unchained - From Fair Warning - The only song to make it from this album. But it rocks. Love when Dave talks to the producer. That suit is you!
  7. Everybody Wants Some- From Women and Children First - I love the opening drums in this. Alex and Eddie kick ass on this. The lyrics are a little goofy though.
  8. Feel Your Love Tonight - Van Halen I - This showed that rock can do love songs back in the day. I always wanted to play this for a girl. But never really got the chance.
  9. And The Cradle Will Rock - From Women and Children First - Fun fact, this is the first song Eddie played keyboard in. Have you seen Junior's grades? The best!
  10. Jamie's Cryin- From Van Halen I- A song is about regret. About a one night stand. She should send him a letter. No text? Oh yeah, didn't have that back then.

So there ya have it. You will notice there are no songs from one album. Not a fan of Diver Down. Lots of remakes and was not a fan. 2 songs I love that didn't make it were I'll Wait and Mean Street. But what do I drop? Tough. But I'm pretty happy with the list. Tomorrow will be Sammy's songs. I better start working on it now!