MY Top 10 Sammy Hagar Van Halen Songs

Yesterday I did my Top 10 David Lee Roth Van Halen songs. Today we do the Sammy Hagar edition. I've seen Sammy with the band in concert so many times, its hard to count. I have such fond memories of it. A lot of my choices are based on that. So here we go...

  1. Best of Both Worlds - 5150 - Best live song ever. Eddie's solo kicks ass. Nowhere near their most popular song. But its my favorite.
  2. Right Now - For Unlawful - One of the most popular VH songs ever. Maybe the top Sammy song. Can you have a Crystal Pepsi and not think of this song? It won Best Video even though Sammy hated the idea and didn't want to do it.
  3. Why Can't This Be Love - 5150 - This was a monster hit for the band. Their first under Sammy. Truly showed the band evolving. 
  4. Dreams - 5150 - This song showed what a difference in a band they were between fun lovin Dave and the more serious tones of Sammy. Its a very inspirational song. 
  5. Not Enough - Balance- This song breaks me every time I hear it. Some may not know it. But I listened to it on repeat when I was going through a break up. Brutal. 
  6. When Its Love - OU812 - Another power ballad love song. Another song Dave could never pull off. Gorgeous. Asks the eternal do I know when it's love?
  7. Love Walks In - 5150 - Is this song about aliens or love? Not sure. A much softer side of VH from the Dave era. But the alien stuff makes it a little strange.
  8. Poundcake - For Unlawful - You give me a power drill on a guitar, not sure there is anything more rock n roll than that?
  9. Runaround - For Unlawful- I have such great memories of this song in concert. When they sing the chorus, Sammy makes a motion with his arms in a circle and the entire crowd does it with him. So awesome!
  10. Can't Stop Lovin You - Balance - One of the last hits by the band. Eddie showed he still had it. I love the more melodic hits from Sammy. Van Halen with Sammy always showed that love is love and were very progressive for a rock band in their videos, like this one.

There ya have it. This was tougher than Dave's list. The one song I hated to leave out was Top of the World. I had it at 10 the entire time but I had to take it out because Can't Stop Lovin You just means more. Top of the World is just fun. I know people may wonder where Finish What Ya Started is. Never one of my favorites. I like it but not in my Top 10. I would have put Black and Blue in before it. There ya go. Hope you enjoy it and remember the greatest guitar player ever while listening to this amazing music. RIP Eddie.