My Top 10 AC/DC Songs

Top 10 AC/DC Songs

1.Back in Black – The GOAT of all AC/DC songs. I have also played this a million times but doesn’t have that fatigue factor that some other do. Still love it.

2.Hell’s Bells – Also great sports memories connected here. Its Trevor Time. How do you not think of Trevor Hoffman when this song comes on? Made me love it even more.

3.Thunderstruck – Thunder! Can’t think of this song without thinking of the opening kickoff at Chargers games. You’ve been Thunderstruck!

4.It’s a Long Way To The Top -This one snuck into the top 5 and it surprised even me. I didn’t realize how much I liked this song until putting together this list. It kept going up and up until it landed here. Such a great tune.

5.You Shook Me All Night Long – This one is another massive hit that suffers from a little fatigue but its such a crown pleaser than when it comes on at a party or something, people still get excited for it.

6.Highway To Hell – What?! Come o Eddie. How can this be this low? Because its my list! If I was doing the best AC/DC songs of all time, it might be number 1. But I've heard this song a million times, so it suffers from fatigue. But still can appreciate it when it comes on.

7.Shoot To Thrill – From Back in Black, it became a bigger hit in my world after it was in Iron Man 2. I think the song is about drugs, but not sure.

8.Big Gun – This one may be a little controversial. It’s high and its not one of their bigger hits. But I’ve always loved this song for some reason. From the Schwarzenegger movie Last Action Hero.

9.For Those About To Rock – We salute you! Great rock anthem. Could be higher on the list after hearing it again.

10.Whole Lotta Rosie – Lets kick this off with a fun one. The song is about an obese Tasmanian woman named Rosie than Bon Scott hooked up with. I mean, how many of those are there…too many to count. This one is the best of the bunch.

There ya have it. Some songs that could have made it…T.N.T., Girls Got Rhythm, Lets There Be rock, Dirty Deeds, Rock n Roll aint Noise Pollution, Moneytalks but I’m pretty happy with this. If you’re not, that’s ok because its MY list!