MY Top 10 Red Hot Chili Peppers Songs

Ok here we go. This was way harder than I imagined going into it. This could have easily been a top 20! Here are my Top 10 Red Hot Chili Peppers Songs...

1. Give It Away – Quintessential Peppers. This was the song that put them on the map. Their first number one hit. Might not be as big as Bridge, but it tops my list of best Peppers song.

2. Under the Bridge – Probably their biggest hit. This video was all over MTV back in the day. I’ve always loved it and thought it was so different. Definitely put them into stardom.

3. Around The World – I love how this song starts. Flea drops the bass like no other. Song still feels fresh even though its over 20 years old.

4. By The Way – This is like a tale of two songs. One melodic and one full of funk. I love all the random things Anthony says in the song.

5. Tell Me Baby – This could be too high for this song, but I’ve always loved it. Melodic and funky at the same time. Perfect mix of Peppers sounds.

6. Dark Necessities – One of their newer songs on the list. I liked it from the first time I heard it. Just a cool vibe.

7. Soul To Squeeze – From Coneheads obviously! No clue what this song has to do with that movie. When you sing “I got a bad disease / Out from my brain is where I bleed” It just screams Dan Akroyd! Great song though.

8. Can’t Stop – This song makes zero sense, but I still love it. It has a great mix of the funk and melodic sounds that I have come to love from the Peppers.

9. Suck My Kiss – This song is full of the funk. An amazing make out song. Could be aggressive to some, but depends how you like to kiss!

10. Scar Tissue – This is mature Peppers. The theme of this song is a bit more of the serious side for them. Love how melodic it is. There are two sides to the band. Rockin’ funk or melodic tones. This is on the melodic side.

I left off their covers of Higher Ground and Love Rollercoaster. They would have probably made the list otherwise. So many songs that could have made it. Californication was in there for a long time but kept dropping when I would listen to another song. But it would probably be 11. Zephyr Song, Otherside, Dani Californication, Snow, Breaking the Girl, etc…all could have been in there. Such a great band, its hard to nail down just 10.

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