No Soup For Me? I Think Not.

When you get to work at 5am, I feel like your food choices don't follow rules. I've been in morning radio for over 10 years and something happens when your schedule is like that. For some reason, in my opinion, the proper times for food goes out the window. Well, not for Thor. He thinks soup for breakfast is disgusting and weird. For the record it is my extra healthy and EXTRA yummy black bean soup! If you want the recipe email me! It's basically a ton of veggies sauteed (whatev you have) then add a few cans of black beans, broth, cumin, chili powder, garlic then puree. So bomb. 

Today I brought my soup but I brought like 5 squares of Life cereal to eat first...we'll see if then Thor thinks the soup isn't so bad.

My second thing to talk to you about was my love for second hand stores. I LOVE fashion. I actually sew and make/re-make clothes. I am also broke. There we have a problem. Fashion normally = money. Not this chick. I feel like I am beating the system when I go to Amvets and come up with these black suede lace up creepers that would have normally been $120 and I got them for $8. Boom. That shit just happened!  It's like a treasure hunt and when you come are stoked and lucky!!! They (The Show) thinks its gross I got a nightie sleep dress from there. I washed it twice so whatever. This isn't THAT nightie but one I got from our school mom white elephant exchange.

Photo cred: Heidi Hart (my friend and insane street photographer) Insta: @4harthaven

In closing, it has been so nice getting to know you all. The emails, Facebook messages, and calls. Means a whole lot. If you want the recipe for my soup, want to just vent or chat please don't ever hesitate to reach out. 

Instagram: @emily_griffiths_radio

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