My 3 Day Weekend

I had an excellent 3 day weekend! I hope you did too...hopefully you had one! Mine started out with a nap after The Show on Friday followed by mom duties and fixing dinner for my boys (Reed and fiance/baby daddy Robert) before I went out to see Bill Bellamy with my long time friend Christina. We have known each other since elementary school. She is one of those people that no matter how much time goes by, it's as though we have never skipped a beat.  Aren't those friends great? They aren't whiny about you guys not keeping in touch on the reg...they are just happy to see you when they see you. I love that. We went to Osetra for happy hour. It's a seafood spot downtown around the corner from the American Comedy Club. OMG If you have never been they have an AMAZING bar and happy hour! We had a bottle of Champagne and 10 oysters for $24! That's amazing! They also have a ton of other fancy small plates for cheap! 

On Saturday I took Reed out to go wander around the La Mesa Village. We went to all of the antique shops in search for a fun old toy. We came across this vintage Cat forklift. I texted Eddie and asked him if he has ever been to the antique shops there...he hadn't. They have so many superhero action figures of all kinds! We had lunch at Por Favor :)

After that, Reed and I went to my girl Erin's. She's the coolest. She's a mom friend from school and has 2 kids. I brought over a bottle of champs and we hung out in her garage while the kids played. It was rad and the perfect time killer because we had to be out of the house so Robert could study.

Yesterday I took Reed to The Living Coast Discovery Center in Chula Vista. It was a blast. The trail was beautiful! Love my momma and son dates. He is so difficult at times but beyond the need to defy most of my direction he has a huge heart and I'm hoping that his need to be in charge will allow him to be something great when he grows up. So much love to all the moms and dads out there. We got this.

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